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Since it's premiere in late 2006, hundreds of activists' Brave New screenings have exposed thousands of people to the Jersey Girls' heartbreaking struggle for the truth about their husbands' murders. Join them! Host your own screening and spread this important message.

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Tags: documentary, terrorism, bush, 9/11, september 11, jersey girls, ray nowosielski, globalvision, truth, cover up, lie, war on terror, 911, america, government, 9-11, family steering committee, kucinich, commission

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Ray Nowosielski

Kyle Hence
Executive Producer

Rory O'Connor
Executive Producer

ken ellis
Co-Executive Producer

Larisa Alexandrovna

Victor Mendoza
Spectator to the Truth

Chris Jaramillo

Grant Purcell

Bill Stewart

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Film reviews:
Star_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tiny from Jason Klamm:
The New Documentary

Star_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tiny from Sarah DeMarcus:
MUST SEE 47 story WTC bldg 7 fell 911 no plane hit

Star_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_off_tiny from Evan Simpson:
9/11 Truth NOW!!!!!!

Screening reviews:
Star_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tiny from Catherine Statz, hosting in Minneapolis, MN:
Over 700 fill theater for Screening!

Star_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tiny from Chris Jaramillo, hosting in Virginia Beach, VA:
9-11 Truth movement has become a Juggernaut!

Star_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tinyStar_on_tiny from Joe Picorale, attending in Tulsa, OK:

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